Daily UXW Challenge — Day 11

I’m participating in the UX Writing Challenge, provided by Daily UX Writing. So for 15 days, I’ll be posting daily, with the results of my work and I hope to get some feedback from you. Thanks in advance!

The scenario of the challenge is about an elderly user doing a Google search to find an easy way to buy contact lenses online. The challenge was to write a title and meta description for a website that sells subscription contact lenses delivered to a user every 30 days and convince them to try it.

Title tags are the most important part of a document for SEO. So for the title, I had to use all the keywords about the service offered, in order for the search engines to know what the page is about when, for example, a user looks up on Google for any of those words that describe the service.

The meta description is like the summary of why a user should click and visit your webpage. It had to be compelling, so the user would want to click on the link and visit the website. So I wrote again, but in other words that the Global contact lenses could be delivered to the user, to bring emphasis on what the service was about and also to bring more keywords in case the users typed other terms on their search.

I also gave the user a little more information about how it works (every 30 days) and about pricing. To compel the users to visit the website and convince them to try the service, I also wrote on the meta, that there was a first month special offer for them to subscribe to it.

For this challenge, I used the fiction name "Global" for the contact lenses brand. As I've read and studied before, it is important to add the brand's name to the title and meta, because of “branded search” user behavior.

Here’s the solution I’ve come up for this challenge:

Two cards with the instructions for challenge #11 and the solution for the challenge

I’d appreciate any feedback from you.

Thanks and see you next time! :)

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*About the UX Writing Challenge — Provided by . 1 of 15 short exercises are delivered to our inbox every day for 15 days, including: a scenario, a challenge and the maximum number of characters we have to work with. We are supposed to write and edit our solution as fast as we can, preferably under ten minutes, and then share it to get feedback from others.

*Sobre o UX Writing Challenge — Oferecido por Todos os dias, 1 de 15 exercícios curtos são entregues em nosso e-mail, por 15 dias, incluindo: um cenário, um desafio e a quantidade de caracteres máximos que podemos utilizar. Devemos escrever e editar a resolução do desafio o mais rápido possível, de preferência abaixo de 10 minutos, para então compartilhá-la para receber avaliações de outras pessoas.



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