Daily UXW Challenge — Day 9

I’m participating in the UX Writing Challenge, provided by Daily UX Writing. So for 15 days, I’ll be posting daily, with the results of my work and I hope to get some feedback from you. Thanks in advance!

In this challenge, the prompt said the user was trying to rent a car through an app, but their credit card has expired. The challenge was to write an error message, so they can correct the problem.

The title was very straight forward on telling the user what the error was about: the payment was not confirmed. Maybe by telling the user what went wrong right away, they might remember about recently having the same problem in other app with the credit card used for online paying.

Surpassing the title, if the user did not know what exactly was wrong about the payment, the need for a valid credit card number, indicated in the message body, is a more specific information about the error.

The error message did not use any technical jargon, so using a language any average person can understand, and offering a solution to solve the error immediately, attends Nielsen’s Recognize, Diagnose, and Recover from Errors UX heuristic.

Here’s the solution I’ve come up for this challenge:

Two cards with the instructions for challenge #9 and the solution for the challenge

I’d appreciate any feedback from you.

Thanks and see you next time! :)

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*About the UX Writing Challenge — Provided by . 1 of 15 short exercises are delivered to our inbox every day for 15 days, including: a scenario, a challenge and the maximum number of characters we have to work with. We are supposed to write and edit our solution as fast as we can, preferably under ten minutes, and then share it to get feedback from others.

*Sobre o UX Writing Challenge — Oferecido por Todos os dias, 1 de 15 exercícios curtos são entregues em nosso e-mail, por 15 dias, incluindo: um cenário, um desafio e a quantidade de caracteres máximos que podemos utilizar. Devemos escrever e editar a resolução do desafio o mais rápido possível, de preferência abaixo de 10 minutos, para então compartilhá-la para receber avaliações de outras pessoas.



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